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When we create our products, simplicity is key. Every design choice is made with care, and we want our products to be intuitive, easy to learn and versatile tools when making music. This also makes our products very well-suited for educational purposes.

If you’re a teacher or an institution, we can give your institution a special educational subscription with a heavily reduced price.* There are two different packages available: Standard and Premium

All current Klevgrand plugins
Currently 26 professional plugins suited for educational purposes
Standard Premium
Smooth installation
All distribution is done from our platform and programs can easily be installed on different systems
Standard Premium
Technical Support
Our regular first class technical support
Standard Premium
Educational Support
High priority educational support. An open channel for schools and teachers to ask any questions related to our products - for example we advice on how to use them best and what goes on under the hood.
Standard Premium
Future releases
All future Klevgrand releases during the license period. So far Klevgrand has released 5-8 new products per year
Standard Premium

* Price level determined by subscription type, institution size and amount of licenses, please contact us for details.

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