Körslaget (Clash of the choirs) is a Swedish TV format, developed by Friday TV and based on an idea from Caroline af Ugglas, Heinz Liljedahl and Patrik Hambraeus. Klevgränd provided choral arrangements for six Swedish seasons (TV4), and four Norwegian seasons (NRK). In addition to the scores, every arrangement was delivered with recorded rehearsal-tracks for each singing part.

Klevgränd has also made a number of smaller scale productions for Swedish TV, here’s an example from one of the most popular TV shows (Allsång på Skansen). The new host Petra Marklund presented herself to the audience by performing a traditional Swedish folk song in a new style, of which Klevgränd produced this vocoder arrangement:


  • 600+ arrangements
  • Sheet music
  • Individual rehearsal tracks for each part