Wireless Pitch & Mod

for iPad/iPhone ($0,99)

Turn your phone into that mod wheel that your keyboard lacks.

We couldn’t help reinventing the wheel.

Many hardware keyboards lacks a decent pitch wheel. Weeel saves the day! Weeel! is a MIDI utility app that transmits pitch bend and any control change (like modulation, breath control etc) to any MIDI port available on the device. Use it with hardware MIDI interfaces, Network MIDI or other solutions like MusicIO or midimux (via Virtual MIDI).


Weeel for iPad/iPhone


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  • Touch and drag to transmit pitch (x-axis) and modulation (y-axis)
  • Acceleration sensitivity setting
  • Lock/Unlock modulation (whether it should go back to zero or not)
  • Transmit pitch bend on/off switch
  • Select which MIDI ports to transmit to (on/off switch for each port)
  • Select MIDI out channel
  • Select control change number (0-127)