Sound Surfer Synth

for iPad/iPhone ($1,99)   and Mac/Windows (Free)  

A unique way of surfing between sounds.

The globe at your fingertips.

SyndtSphere is basically a sphere version of our polyphonic synthesizer Syndt. With a minimalistic approach, it features a unique experience of ”surfing” between presets. All parameters are morphed according to the proximity of the different presets. By rotating a sphere that consists of more than 70 professionally created states, anyone can dial in the perfect sound without having to deal with specific parameters. In addition to the sphere, a ping-pong delay and a few more global settings are available.


SyndtSphere for Mac/Windows


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SyndtSphere for iPad/iPhone


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  • Highly innovative interface, seamlessly browse between 70+ professionally made presets
  • Save current state
  • Ping pong delay
  • Legato mode with glide speed parameter
  • Pitch bend range


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  • 1. Sphere

    This is the only control of SyndtSphere. The different nodes represent presets. When you're between these nodes, the parameters are morphed according to the proximity of all surrounding nodes

  • 2. Options

    A simple built-in ping-pong delay, legato, glide and Pitch Bend Range control


High resolution images

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