Audio Gear Modeler

for Mac/Windows ($59,99)   and iPad ($19,99)  

Analog gear simulation with a unique & efficient spectral saturation algorithm

Play it like you own it.

REAMP is a complex spectral saturation processor, simulating a set of different analog gear in a new and unique way. Benefits of this algorithm is that it is highly CPU efficient and adds (almost) no latency. The seven models available are based on real analog gear, individually measured in two dimensions; gain responses (-inf dB to +6 dB) at the frequency spectrum 20Hz to 20kHz. This data is used to transform input audio to output audio. A four-band spectral drive allows you to let the unit work even more.


With several models available, REAMP can be used on almost any type of audio in any genre. The character can span from lo-fi to professional high-end gear. One approach can be to put it on a bus, or a whole mix. Another is to put it on several tracks with a more subtle setting, which makes the essence of the simulated gear add up.


REAMP for Mac/Windows


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(Desktop only)

Fully functional, but with occasional audio disruptions.


REAMP for iPad


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  • Seven handpicked profiles based on gear we love.
  • Spectral drive (four bands)
  • Dry / Wet mix
  • Plenty of factory presets
  • Ultra low latency


1 2 3 4
  • 1. Drive them mad

    This four-band spectral drive puts you in control over what frequencies that should be extra processed

  • 2. Fix it in post

    If you want character on specific bands, but also a balanced output

  • 3. Role model

    We've analyzed and modeled seven different units, to be used on any kind of audio.

  • 4. Keep the good stuff

    Control the harmonics created by the saturation. For bass-rich audio content sounds too noisy/sharp when saturated.



PDF version

Demo (Desktop version only)

Fully functional, but occasionally with audio disruption. To unlock the full version, purchase a license and click on the button marked DEMO in the header to enter your serial number. (Yes, this download can be used if you have a license and need to re-install the full version)

REAMP for Mac v 1.0.1

(Unzip and open the included .pkg file to start the installation)

REAMP for Windows v 1.0.1
(Unzip and open the included .exe file to start the installation)

High resolution images

Download zip with hi-res images

Audio examples