Multi-band Compressor

for Mac/Windows ($49,99)  and iPad ($7,99)  

Multi-band compressor for the rest of us.

Compress Here, Here and Here.

PressIt is a very sophisticated dynamic tool, best used as a master plugin, or to tighten up bus masters. It works really well on drums, but also background vocals or other stems that need to be tamed will fit well. PressIt consists of three compressors who work independently of each other. They are fed with the low, mid & high frequency band of the incoming audio signal. The compressor units consist of our unique algorithm from Korvpressor, developed together with engineers from KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) in Stockholm. They gently shape the three signals (with full control), and then sums it back into a nice unity. Before the audio leaves the plugin, there’s an optional brick-wall limiter to prevent digital distortion.


PressIt for Mac/Windows


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(Desktop only)

Fully functional, but with occasional audio disruptions.


PressIt for iPad


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  • Three separate compression units
  • Compression algorithm developed by a team of engineers and professional musicians
  • Intuitive and unique user interface
  • Solo & bypass on each frequency band
  • Enable/Disable lookahead time
  • Optional brickwall limiter


1 2 3 4
  • 1. Input

    A knob for instant increasing or decreasing the input level. Use it wisely. Or be creative. The possibilities are 201.

  • 2. Compression Threshold

    Drag down for lower threshold value, and up for higher. The position corresponds with the band input meter.

  • 3. Compression Ratio

    Drag down to set a higher value, and up to set a lower. The reduction meter continuously shows the compression per band.

  • 4. Fine-tuning

    Each band has Attack, Release, Make-up gain, Mute and Bypass controls.



PDF version

Demo (Desktop version only)

Fully functional, but occasionally with audio disruption. To unlock the full version, purchase a license and click on the ribbon marked DEMO to enter your serial number. (Yes, this download can be used if you have a license and need to re-install the full version)

PressIt for Mac v 1.0.0
(Unzip and open the included .pkg file to start the installation)

PressIt for Windows v 1.0.0
(Unzip and open the included .exe file to start the installation)

High resolution images

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