Lush Pad Synthesizer

for Mac/Windows ($24,99)  and iPad/iPhone ($7,99)  

A pad synthesizer with soul.

Have some yummy padding.

Pads is a thriving and organic pad synthesizer. It consists of a wavetable synth with a noise/grain generator and a high cut filter. With a carefully developed ”wobbler” that detunes the waveforms and makes very small inconsistencies to several internal parameters and a nice sounding chorus, this synthesizer is able to create some really interesting and non-statical pad sounds.


Pads for Mac/Windows


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Try the demo!
(Desktop only)

Fully functional, but with occasional audio disruptions.


Pads for iPad/iPhone


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  • Filter, Attack and Volume can be modulated by velocity
  • Controllable grit/grain level, sampled from a real hammond organ with a broken tone wheel
  • Controllable wobble factor that adds analogue unpredictability
  • 30 handcrafted presets created by professional musicians


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  • 1. Wave selector

    Select two waveforms, and morph between them by dragging the slider.

  • 2. Wobble

    Adds some analog character with de-tune/filter inaccuracy.

  • 3. Grain / Noise

    Drag horizontally to add white noise and upwards to add some more irrational noise/grain.

  • 4. Filter / Envelope / Chorus

    Various toys in the toolbox for shaping the sound further.



PDF version

Demo (Desktop version only)

Fully functional, but occasionally with audio disruption. To unlock the full version, purchase a license and click on the ribbon marked DEMO to enter your serial number. (Yes, this download can be used if you have a license and need to re-install the full version)

Pads for Mac v 1.0.2
(Unzip and open the included .pkg file to start the installation)

Pads for Windows v 1.0.2
(Unzip and open the included .exe file to start the installation)

High resolution images

Download zip with hi-res images

Audio examples