Multi-FX Delay

macOS/Windows $59.99 and iPad $15.99

A delay playground with endless capabilities

You might be delayed for work.

Modley is a modulation delay with effect insert capabilities, which lets you design the whole delay signal with several carefully selected effect modules to create unique signal flows. The idea behind Modley is to push the boundaries of what a delay effect is capable of – only your imagination sets the limits! While Modley sure can be used to do all the traditional tricks - Stereo delay, Tape delay, Short slapback delay etc., its true potential lies within the variety of unexpected effect modules that can be applied.

New in v1.1

  • New Bitcrusher insert effect
  • New Stereo width control insert (Stereoid)
  • New Feedback mode, controls the behaviour of loop insert effects
  • The Filter insert now features a bandpass type
  • The Pitch insert now has a range knob

v1.1 is at the moment desktop only, iOS on the way

Also part of this bundle:

Sound Design Bundle (macOS/Windows)
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Along with Degrader, Haaze, Kleverb and Kuvert

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Requires macOS 10.10 or later, Windows 7 (SP1) or later, running a AU, VST or AAX compatible 64-bit host.




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Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.


  • 15 different effect modules – Panning modulation, Phaser, Distortion, Tape Saturation, Pitch Shifter, Delay (!), Reverb and much more.
  • Time sync.
  • Global modulation of the delay.
  • Built-in limiter.
  • Freeze function, with pre- or post-loop processing.
  • Lots of presets to kickstart the creative flow.
  • Dry/wet mix
More videos

New Update

Version 1.1

Overview and Examples

A deeper look at Modley

Garden Session

A summer postcard


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  • 1. Pre-pare for the loop

    The first row is the Pre rack – all effects inserted here will process the incoming audio before entering the Loop rack

  • 2. Loop the loop

    This is where the fun really starts. The inserted effects will process the audio from left to right, and if the feedback control (4) is set to anything above 0, that amount of the loop output will be re-routed back to the loop input.

  • 3. Post-traumatic stress

    Same as the Pre rack, but this rack is positioned after the loop rack in the chain.

  • 4. Only positive feedback, please

    This controls how much fun you want