DAW Cassette

Tape Deck Emulation

macOS/Windows $39.99 and iPad/iPhone $12.99

Bring your sound back to the golden age of cassette tapes (minus the tangle)

Put your music on tape

DAW Cassette brings back the magic era of the 1980:s by emulating the sound of a tape deck. Saturation, distortion, noise, wobble, it's all there. While there's no real rational logic to it, the sound color gives us chills down the spines, (or it might be the mullet haircut that tickles). Fresh. Choose your preferred level of cassetteness with the different controls for input/output gain, tape/motor/head quality and tape/noise type. Now, look in the mirror and get stunned by your new mullet haircut.

New in v1.1

  • Bleed amount (crosstalk between channels)
  • Tape head tilt angle
  • Noise gain and type
  • Four-band peak EQ

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Vintage Bundle (macOS/Windows)
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Requires macOS 10.10 or later, Windows 7 (SP1) or later, running a AU, VST or AAX compatible 64-bit host.




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Requires iOS 9.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Choose between three different tape types (Normal, Chrome, Metal)
  • Control the noise level with Dolby emulation (including a noise-free option, Dolby K)
  • Tape-, head- and motor quality knobs for dialling in the perfect sound
  • Additional input gain, output gain and dry/wet mix parameters
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New Update!

Version 1.1

Garden Session

A summer postcard

Creating a lo-fi sound

Flirting with the 80's


1 2 3
  • 1. Quality

    Use these controls to set the desired quality of the Tape (magnetic band saturation), Head (frequency response) and Motor (speed consistency).

  • 2. Emul80ies

    Different types of cassette tape, as well as Noise reduction emulation.

  • 3. Trim the sound, not the mullet

    Input, Output, Mix. Serve chilled.

Flip it

1 2 3 4
  • 1. Let it bleed

    Adjust the amount of channel crosstalk

  • 2. Bring on the noise

    Fine level noise adjustment for every noise taste

  • 3. Built to tilt

    Skew the tape head angle for some nice phase issues

  • 4. Graphic Equalizer

    Four excellent bands for your excellent band