A new generation music engine.

Welcome the world’s first adaptive audio engine with a music-first approach. Enable seamless music transitions in interactive environments. All in realtime.

  • VR (Oculus Rift)
  • Location based apps
  • Live theatres
  • Gaming
  • Museums
  • Interactive films


The crew developing AudioCue is a mix of professional music producers and programmers who became fed up with bad audio implementations in interactive applications. During development, focus has been on creating a workflow where the music producer remains creative during the whole process.

Developers do not need to know anything about sound and music. They simply have to integrate the AudioCue API, load whatever the composer delivers and start dispatching events. Since the authoring tool supports many different testing methods (locally, via network over tcp/ip or via shared assets on the web) the music producer remains in full control over how the music will sound and adapt in a real application. This decrements the number of project iterations, saving significant amounts of time.

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