Press Release from Klevgrand 2018-08-27

Klevgränd releases GotoEQ - Premium Equalizer

GotoEQ is a new evolution of a vintage passive tube-based program equalizer for VST/AU/AAX/iOS, expanding on that classic sound with dynamic EQ bands, bringing more versatility to your mixing with continuous frequency selection, and adding metering functionality.

GotoEQ performs the classic ‘low-end trick’ with dual Boost and Attenuate controls for its low shelf, but it also offers the ability to perform a 'high-end trick', with a similar formulation of high shelving. With continuous frequency selection, you can tune each band as you like. But most importantly of all, GotoEQ’s two mid bands offer dynamic attenuation...

Engage a band’s Dynamic Attenuation control to activate compression across its range. The complex compression algorithm at work behind the scenes has been tuned for musical results with a single control.

Usage cases:
  • Simultaneously boost and cut the low shelf to create ‘that’ low-mid scoop on bass tracks
  • De-ess vocals or de-harsh overheads by engaging dynamic attenuation and tuning the high-mid band
  • Add air to signals with the high shelf filter, and ‘scoop’ the high-mids using a ‘high-end trick’
  • Get control over the ‘nose’ of bass tracks with dynamic attenuation of the Low Mid and High Mid bands
  • Subtly EQ a whole mix or bus using light settings and mild compression
  • Platforms:

    Demo (macOS): Download
    Demo (Windows): Download
    (Contact us for NFR license)

    iOS App: Download

    Hi-res images: Download

    Manual: Download


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