Squash the shit out of it.

This audio effect filter provides an unique distortion algorithm and should be essential in every music producers toolset. SquashIt doesn’t sound vintage, it just sounds good. SquashIt is developed by musicians for musicians.


I would recommend this app to anyone looking to add a really fat and rich sounding distortion effect to their audio chain.

– Donnelly (Dj Puzzle) / iPadloops.com

SquashIt is pretty much a no-brainer purchase for any app-loving iOS musician, especially if you like your sounds a little on the grungy side at times.

– John Walden / musicappblog.com

SquashIt adds something unique that similar plug-ins doesn’t.

– John De Sohn / Artist and DJ

I think it’s fantastic and really easy to use. Also looks good and has a clean interface.

– Mattias Andreasson / Producer

I’ve tried SquashIt for a week now and all all I can say is wow! It works very well on bass, to make it cut through the mix and get some presence. It’s also perfect on that vocal track you want to make a little bit dirty. Over-all, an easy to go and intuitive interface. I´ll definitely keep it in my toolbox!

– Christian Ramefelt / So Right Production



  • Unique distortion algorithm
  • Simple but yet powerful user interface
  • Low CPU usage

iPad version

  • Inter App Audio (IAA) compatible. Works fine with Garageband and other IAA compatible hosts.
  • Supports Audiobus 2 including state saving.
  • Remembers IAA hosts (will automatically load last used settings when a host connects)
  • Load / Save presets

Desktop version

  • Audio Units version, compatible with most Mac OS X DAWs
  • VST version, compatible with most Windows & Mac DAWs
  • System requirements:
    • Mac: OS X 10.7+
    • Win: Windows 7 +


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